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There are taverns which are like universities

I like this quote. It comes from ‘The Carpinter’s Pencil’ by Manuel Rivas which I am reading, and very much enjoying at the moment. The way it shifts from past to present, evoking the tragic and the beautiful, the memory and the present is the style of writing that has made me want to blog again. It takes little to get my creative juices rushing again – just an evocation of nostalgia, of bitter sweet sadness, a rhyme, a song, an image, all mixed together with some alone time and in this case the rain and wind outside on this Christmas day.
As I read the quote above, I could not help but think or great times in great taverns and bars where I grew up and thought properly. The stuff that everyone should do in bars, rather than cloud their thinking with alcohol. Evening spent chatting with fellow European Erasmusians in Coimbra stand particularly at the forefront. A Sagres, a Superbok, a bica, the inevitable cigarettes, either rolled or packeted, a mix of languages, a meeting of cultures and minds. An innocence maturing, loves forming, friendships made for enduring (dez anos e mais). These nights from September to February, when I became 21, were as much of a University as any lecture I ever attended.

I have just listened to Coimbra tem mais encanto on Youtube, this version particularly.